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Insulation Commandos offers comprehensive wall insulation services to homeowners and businesses in Glendale, CA. Our specialization ranges from attic insulation to wall insulation and air sealing techniques to optimize your home’s energy efficiency.

Poorly insulated walls are a drain on your home’s energy, leaking heat during the winter and losing valuable AC during the summer. If you’re tired of paying to heat the outdoors, then it’s time for you to partner with a dependable wall insulation company.

Insulating wall cavities and air ducts is a complex task requiring a seasoned professional’s expertise. At Insulation Commandos, our team ensures that insulation is installed correctly, whether oriented strand board, fiberglass insulation, or any other existing type.

Interior and exterior walls, particularly in older homes, often lack insulation. A lack of wall insulation can result in noise transfer between rooms and decreased energy efficiency throughout the house. Our trusted commandos will work with you to determine exactly what insulation makes the most sense for your home.

Choose The Right Wall Insulation

Choosing the right wall insulation can be a daunting task, especially given the variety of options available. From block walls to old insulation, there are many factors to consider when deciding on the most effective energy-saving solution. We frequently install blown-in insulation in interior and exterior walls. For retrofit wall insulation, a drill-and-fill application is often the best choice. Contact the Insulation Commandos team today; our home insulation experts can recommend the right insulation product for your home.

Different Types of Wall Insulation

We offer a variety of wall insulation types. Regardless of the type, our team will ensure you have the correct R-value for your home insulation.

Benefits of Installing Wall Insulation

Installing wall insulation in your home enhances comfort and provides a range of benefits that can significantly improve your quality of life.

  • Improved Thermal Comfort: Wall insulation helps maintain a consistent indoor temperature all year round. It keeps your home warm during the chilly winter months and cool during the scorching summer heat, providing optimal comfort.
  • Energy Efficiency: One of the primary benefits of installing wall insulation is the substantial savings on energy bills it can bring. By reducing the amount of heat that escapes in winter and enters in summer, insulation decreases the load on your heating and cooling systems, leading to lower energy consumption.
  • Noise Reduction: Wall insulation can help dampen noise inside and outside your home. This leads to a quieter, more serene living environment, making your home a peaceful sanctuary from the hustle and bustle of the outside world.
  • Increased Property Value: Homes with proper insulation are highly sought after in the real estate market. If you ever decide to sell, your well-insulated home could command a higher price.
  • Environmentally Friendly: By reducing your energy consumption, you also reduce your carbon footprint. Insulating your walls is an excellent eco-friendly step that contributes to preserving our environment.


Installing wall insulation makes you invest in a more comfortable, cost-efficient, and environmentally friendly home.

Installing Insulation In Exterior Walls

Exterior wall insulation is crucial to any new construction or DIY project. Whether you’re insulating a new house or retrofitting an old home, we can help you achieve the optimal R values and maximize your home’s energy efficiency. 

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At Insulation Commandos, we are committed to providing you with the best insulation services in the area. To ensure superior performance and longevity, we use top-quality materials, including closed-cell foam and fiberglass insulation.

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